New MacBook Air 2018 Uses Intel's 8th-Generation Kaby Lake Instead Of Cannon Lake

Ronald Balondo
3:40 PM

The 2018 variant of the low-cost MacBook Air from Apple will be using 8th-generation Kaby Lake processors from Intel. The lightweight notebook from the company that is rumored to become available this fall will pass the opportunity on using Intel’s Cannon Lake chipset.

The MacBook Air 2018 is one of the highly anticipated updates from Apple, especially since there are only a few significant updates that happened to the line. The budget-friendly line became famous because of the price tag and the mobility that it offers and the new update will do a substantial boost to the performance provided by the MacBook Air line.

Recent reports from Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese publication company, claims that the company’s choice between the 8th-gen Kaby Lake processors over the Cannon Lake was because of the rumored delays of the 10nm chipset that will not be ready until 2019. The 14nm Kaby Lake processors allow the ultra-thin MacBook Air to support Core i5 and Core i7 processors with a quad-core configuration. According to the news, Apple considers the logistic problem and this was one of the biggest concern why they stick with a remake from an older processor and opt out to the new generation Intel chips.

If all these details are true, we can assume that the new MacBook Air 2018 will come with 16GB of RAM which is adequate for average daily use. The processor setup will also be a huge jump to the previous model and will pack more punch to its computing power.

There are also talks about the controversial TouchBar will not be present in the MacBook Air 2018. The model will only feature regular function keys that are present in all previous models of the MacBook Air line. The new Mac line is expected to be released along with the new iPhones this September. However, nothing is official yet since there are still no official statements coming from Apple itself.

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