New Leaked Evidence Of Microsoft's Surface Phone Andromeda

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For years, there have been numerous reports regarding Microsoft’s mysterious Surface Phone Andromeda (aka Microsoft Andromeda). This time around, another piece of information has been spotted regarding the said device. The information this time proves the existence of the Microsoft phone.

It Does Exist

According to reports, an Italian blog site Aggiornamenti Lumia (AL) has an in-depth article regarding Microsoft’s Andromeda advancement. The site has discovered various Andromeda references in new languages made for Andromeda OS.

As you can see from this photo, the user highlighted a line. The line reads “ApplicableProducts”: AndromedaOS; FactoryOSAndromeda,”

On this second photo, it reveals that the Andromeda devices could also work as phones. Aside from its foldable feature, it has also been long rumored that the Surface Phone Andromeda will have phone-like capabilities (calling and texting) and portable PC-like capabilities.

On this third photo, it reveals that the user can customize the computing screen, and turn screens on/off. As you can see, there are lines that read “Screen on”, “Right screen on”, “Left screen on”, “External screen on”, “Right screen off”, “left the screen off”, and more.

When Is It Coming?

Regarding its release date, no one can say for full accuracy. Instead, we’re in the position where it’s a push and pull scenario.

Last July, news publication sites started reporting that the Surface Phone won’t be arriving this year because it was canceled. There was even a petition created by the fans to save the said device from cancellation. A week later, it was then reported that Microsoft has not canceled it and instead is being delayed to perfection for a later launch.

As of now, the speculated release date is late 2019. Hopefully, this is true because it’s been a long time already.

What can you say about the “evidence” provided? Are they legit? Most importantly, when do you think the Surface Phone will be released? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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