New Leaked Photos of 2018 iPhone X Plus or iPhone X2 Found

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Sketchy photos have been spotted online of what seems to be prototypes of a 2018 iPhone model. To be specific, the said photos are rumored to be the iPhone X Plus a.k.a iPhone X2 or new color variants of the iPhone X.

The Leaked Photos

It is no secret that this year, Apple is expected to introduce the 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus (a.k.a iPhone X2 or iPhone 11) later this year — presumably between September and November. With that, people are trying to find any clue or any information whatsoever regarding these highly anticipated smartphones.

This time, Techno Codex published an article featuring two leaked photos what they claimed as a “new iPhone prototype.” According to the article, these photos came from an Apple plant in India.

One photo depicts a purple/violet iPhone while the other is a pastel green iPhone. Both models feature a rectangular shape with curved edges and a rich gold stainless steel frame. Also, both models have what seem to be a vertical dual rear camera (similar to the iPhone X model), a glass back, the Apple logo near the rear camera and the name “iPhone” a few inches below the Apple logo.

Credit- TechnoCodex

Is It A New Color Variant?

The leak suggests that the “prototypes” could either be the new color variants of the iPhone X model or the successor. An article at 9to5Mac also supports the possibility of these photos being new color variants noting the “PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 7” and the “special edition red iPhone 8” which were released months after its main color variants were released.

However, what about the possibility of these photos being faked? Without any confirmation from Apple, no one can tell its authenticity.

So what do you guys think? Is this really the iPhone X Plus a.k.a iPhone X2 or just new color variants of the iPhone X? Or are these photos fake? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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