New Jailbreak Tool May Be Right Around The Corner?

Harsh Soni
4:32 PM

Jailbreak has always been the only reliable way that any iDevice user can complexly control their phones. However, Jailbreak community is not having a good time nowadays. Previously, Apple users were continuously used to get jailbreaks for their iPhones but right now there is no working jailbreak tool for iOS 11.2.2. Even, iOS 11- 11.1.2 jailbreak doesn’t boast Cydia substrate.

Apple vs Jailbreak Makers:

Apple has always warned users to not to jailbreak and break the security made by them. Cupertino tech giant gathered all the resources it had to ensure jailbreaking should be impossible and no longer necessary for their Apple products.

Apple came up with the Bug Bounty Program in an effort to battle jailbreak providers. The idea of this program is to attract users to test out the Beta Release of an iOS update and to report on issues, which they see in the software. It is a kind of a reward system. The developers will be rewarded by Apple for the information they learn about the software. This tool is going to make harder and harder for the jailbreak developers, as per reports.

iOS 11 Jailbreak News:

There is not a single developer or hacker was able to crack the iOS 11 fully. However, there are some reliable jailbreak tools like Electra Jailbreak and LiberiOS Jailbreak, but then they do not have Cydia substrate.

A Google researcher, Ian Beer has made an announcement via Twitter that people interested in a bootstrap iOS 11 kernel security research may soon see a Part I release. Thus, there are huge probabilities that a new jailbreak tool for iOS 11 is on its way. Rumors claim that Beer is going to offer a fully working exploit soon.

The tweet by Ian also indicates that he isn’t going to release an untethered jailbreak, which means that the iDevice needs to be plugged into a computer for it to be exploited whenever the phone is booted. This is going to be the closest things to a jailbreak.

On the other hand, famous hacker and developer Jonathan Levine is also reported to release a toolkit which will be used to assist in the jailbreaking process. This means a new jailbreak tool may get the release anytime soon.

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