New iPad Pro 2018 Concept Render: Redesigning Siri And Multitasking Features Of iOS 13

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Tech enthusiasts are excited for Apple’s upcoming event next week. On the event, one of the devices that are expected to be featured is the iPad Pro 2018 (aka iPad Pro 3). Ahead of the tablet’s release, UX Design’s Kévin Eugène released a concept render that looks at how iOS 13, Siri improvements and the removal of the home button could transform the upcoming tablet into a multitasking powerhouse.

The Concept Render

If you’ve been following the rumors regarding the iPad Pro 2018, one of the rumors suggest that it will be ditching the Home Button and will feature a front design similar to the iPhone X. With the concept renders created by Eugène, it features a bunch of GIFs.

This first GIF shows Siri being non-intrusive. Take for example you’re in the middle of doing something, like writing a note for instance and then you ask her to search for photos.

In summoning Siri, you can call her through a software in the Dock, like on the Mac. Siri will then slide from the side and let you interact without leaving what you’re doing.

On this second GIF, when Siri has not been used for a while, she will hide herself to the right. In case you will need her again, you can simply just swipe left. After that, you can also swipe right to dismiss the virtual assistant.

“Flow” and “Multitasking”

On this GIF, it features what Eugène calls as “Flow”. As you can see, it shows how the user is able to create a flow of three apps.

To navigate within the “Flow”, users it will be using the gesture that iPhone X users know by heart.

Lastly, we have the multitasking feature. On this GIF, the user will have to swipe up further and hold to open the multitasking view.

When Is The Event?

Apple’s upcoming “There’s more in the making” event will be on October 30, 2018. It will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House, 10:00 am EDT.

What can you say about Eugène’s concept design for the iPad Pro 2018? Tell us in the comment section below.

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