New iOS 11.2.6 Webkit Bug Brings Us Closer to An Official Jailbreak Tool

Jasper Valdez
10:17 PM

The jailbreak community, for the longest time, has been clamoring for a tool that can fully crack Apple’s iOS 11.2.6. It seems like the wait is going to be much shorter as another vulnerability has been unearthed and made public online.

Google Project Zero, a group dedicated to discovering faults in every major operating system, has successfully identified a Webkit bug (CVE-2018-4121) inside the iOS 11.2.6 courtesy of community member Natalie Silvanovich. Now, what this particular exploit does is it enables arbitrary code execution. Aside from this, the bug also acts as a sandbox escape for the WebKit process, however, another hacker, in the form of Siguza, noted that this is not a full sandbox escape.

Silvanovich posted a full write-up explaining the nature of the bug and along with it, a proof of concept. She also indicated that the bug lacks a proper exploit, which is essential to a full crack.

Though it leads us a step closer to developing an official iOS 11.2.6 jailbreak tool, the bug lacks the necessary power to allow developers to completely unravel the firmware. But despite this, it’s still important to note that a sandbox escape is a fundamental component of jailbreaking a software. If developers choose to, they can opt to create a semi-jailbreak tool using this quasi-sandbox escape vulnerability, however, it goes against the current goal of a full-on jailbreak tool.

Although this is the case, the bug can still prove useful in the future if a kernel exploit is discovered and made public. But as of present time, the webkit’s potential remains limited.

With more vulnerabilities being discovered by the day, it’s safe to assume that we’re going to get a fully working jailbreak tool for the iOS 11.2.6 soon enough, albeit still without a specific date. It’s also great to see that the community is pushing itself to new heights in order to continue on the tradition of jailbreaking, which epitomizes the need for more consumer input and personalization when it comes to Apple devices.

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