New Hacking Team Discovered iOS 12 Jailbreak Security Exploit; Read And Write Privilege Accomplished

Maricris Jose
4:58 PM

The jailbreak community is keeping their eyes for the possibility of an iOS 12 jailbreak. Nonetheless, it was previously reported that the iOS 12 will be difficult to jailbreak but then, things seem to go better as recent reports suggest that iOS 12 jailbreak security exploit has been discovered and the read and write privilege has been achieved.

According to Redmond Pie, a security researcher under a Twitter name Simone Ferrini has posted tweet confirming that he and along with his colleagues were able to pwn iOS 12 beta 12. For some reference, the beta 12 is the latest beta release ahead of the forthcoming Golden Master seed of iOS 12.

The said tweet also revealed that they were able to achieve “Kernel Memory R/W” with the work that has been taken on. With that being said, it is significant to bear in mind that what this team has discovered isn’t a full and final jailbreak for Apple’s iOS 12 platform. Nevertheless, it is a very significant component of what could possibly be an iOS 12 jailbreak for the public.

It is also worth mentioning that the said tweet also tagged in two other developers and security researchers are being part of the procedure. Also, both of whom seemingly work and are connected with the same TRUEL IT Company that is tagged in Ferrini’s Twitter biography. Aside from that, there’s also a video attached to the tweet that is intended to show the work that has been taken on. The video shows an iPhone connected to a terminal session and it has also confirmed that the team has accomplished precisely what it is claiming.

Despite that this can be a good sign that an iOS 12 jailbreak is still possible, this is advised to be taken with skepticism. Also, the security researchers who are publicly associated with a company are more frequently performing the work and showing it off as a portion of a much bigger picture. In case anything additional will be surface regarding this topic, we will surely keep you updated! Stay tuned!

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