New details on Google Pixel 3 Appears on AOSP, Device To Come With Improved Cellular Connectivity

Jasper Valdez
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Currently, we only have rumors and speculations to thank for information on the existence of Google’s third generation handset, the Pixel 3. However, when it comes to firmware we can confirm one thing, the Google Pixel 3 will come with enhanced networking capabilities brought on by Google’s newest Android P operating system.

According to the commit, which was first released in AOSP (Android Open Source Project), a new configuration has been integrated into the Android framework since ‘HAL V_1_2’ is solely compatible with the Pixel 3 and because the newly developed ‘Auto Selection Network UI’ is based on the aforementioned HAL. More into detail, HAL means ‘Hardware Abstraction Layer’ — a software who’s primarily responsible for seamlessly connecting the Android operating system to hardware components. In this case, it is hinted to be the radio hardware component used for the device’s cellular connection.

Though not much is known other than the fact that Google will be implementing a new radio upgrade inside their upcoming Pixel 3 device, XDA believes that the commit is an integral lead towards reduced battery strain in the next generation in terms of network scanning in-device. They also argue that these changes might allow for a continuous updating of the ‘scan networks’ feature available in the mobile network options

As of present time, if you toggle the ‘scan networks’ option, the result is provided within 30 seconds. The new HAL upgrade will allegedly implement the continuous update on this particular feature.

However exciting this new development sounds, it still remains to be seen if Google will officially launch the device with the new HAL update in tow. On the other hand, it could be that the search engine giant is just in the testing phase for this new advancement, which means the company will not include it in the final edition of the Google Pixel 3 device rather, it could see an outing in the fourth generation. Taking this into account, we advise our readers to take this update with a grain of salt seeing as Google has yet to confirm the changes.

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