This Jailbreak Tweak Turns Incoming Calls Into A Functional Pokemon Battle Screen

Jasper Valdez
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Through the years, we’ve seen a lot of people jump on board into the jailbreaking scene, customizing their devices to a tee with a multitude of available tweaks courtesy of Cydia, and of course, developers. From extending your battery to changing the layout of your phone, all has been made possible through the act of jailbreaking. Aside from design-changing and user interface enhancing options, Cydia also offers a ton of comical options – one of which enables users to change their incoming call screen to that of a nostalgic Pokémon battle screen.

As reported by The Verge, a reddit user who goes by the name FrozenPenguinToaster created  a jailbreak tweak called PokéCall that transforms a user’s screen to a classic Pokemon battle screen inspired by the original Game Boy layout. Through the tweak, incoming callers will appear as trainers which gives you the option to fight (to answer the call) or to run (to drop the call). To make the experience more akin to the original game, the developer integrated the same music fx.

Although the hack is still under development, creator FrozenPenguinToaster shared his progress through a reddit thread. Interested users were quick to flock into the subreddit thread, issuing suggestions and enhancements. Through the comments, the developer communicated with the curious fans saying they might add a few extra touches before officially releasing the hack on Cydia, which will include a setting that will display a wild Pokémon when an unknown number calls.

In recent years, Apple has started cracking down on jailbreak tweaks, which resulted in the shutting down of a few major key players in the tweak community -namely ModMyi and MacCiti. But despite this predicament, the jailbreak community continues to thrive, producing more in-depth and useful tweaks one after the other.

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