New Concept Proof Reveals PS4 5.01 Jailbreak Exploit

Harsh Soni
7:46 PM

Sony PS4’s hacking has become a small industry now. While the jailbreaking of iPhones and iPads are dedicated to a large number of audience, the PS4 jailbreaking is only attractive to those who are the owners of Sony’s most recent game console and likes hacking.

With every new update of the PS4’s software, Sony makes it more difficult to hack the console by, filling more and more security holes.  However, the latest concept for a PS4 version 5.01 hack is available, revealing the fun is far from over.

The new concept proof is based on a WebKit exploit as revealed via GitHub. The ReadMe for the PoC reads that it does surely work on PS4 software version 5.01 and that it can also work on others, even though that has not been confirmed as of now.

Based on- CVE-2017-7005, PegaSwitch (Copyright 2017 ReSwitched Team), 4.0x exploit by qwertyoruiopz. The latest exploit supports 5.01 (maybe others)!

While the latest information is not probable to be something the average jailbreak fan can enjoy with, it does potentially gives a new starting point from which to create more user-friendly jailbreaks. However, it is not expected that normal users will try out it. Installation and usage of this PoC is outlined in the same ReadMe, Installation

  1. Install the latest version of node from

  2. Clone this repository

  3. Run npm install


  1. Run npm start

Hacking of the PlayStation 4 continues to prove well-liked among those who might previously have turned their hand to iOS. The abovementioned vulnerability is related to WebKit, which is a toolkit used for web browsers on PS4. In the related documentation, its author has also written that it is likely to jailbreak the PS4 using firmware 5.01 and maybe even with other firmware that has not been verified yet.

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