New Breeds of iPhones Coming This September: iPhone X Plus, iPhone SE2 and More

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September is the time that Apple plans on unveiling new models for the iPhone line. Perhaps in a form of a bigger version of the iPhone X that might be called iPhone X Plus and a notable less expensive phone known as the iPhone SE2.

Apple’s lips are still shut and they haven’t announced any significant details on when they will announce the new release. However, the trends show that after providing the market on a new model of iPhones every June, Apple changed their cycle by going every September in the past years.

In the recent WWDC event, we didn’t see any new iPhone models and this solidifies the September timeframe. The countdown is now on and the next generation iPhones will be in the market in few months time.

The iPhone X was noted as one of the best selling phones in the market for the first 3 months from its release. The phone is also widely known as one of the higher priced handheld units in the market that featured an innovative or an odd design depending on your taste

The usual high price tag with high-end specs revolving around the Apple products limits consumers from purchasing a line from the company but this was changed by this phone. The company introduces the iPhone SE and made a name for itself by featuring a cheaper approach to its consumer by providing a budget-friendly phone for the masses.

A recent report from Forbes shows that Apple will unveil the iPhone X Plus that boast a triple rear camera system. The specifics about the lens is still not fully known but might feature a top-tier low light photography.

The triple camera concept was first introduced by Huawei in their flagship phone, the P20, and the P20 Pro line. This enables the Chinese company to take the lead in terms of low-light photography against its rivals. Apple may use the same concept in providing better results in the camera section of iPhone X Plus.

The device according to the report is said to be in a form of 6.5-inch screen. This might also come with a steel chassis for that solid touch compared to its aluminum-bodied predecessors.

Another version of the iPhone X may also come to life. This one will feature a single camera that will be priced lower than its cousins. It will feature a smaller body similar to fit with the budget-friendly lineup. This is said to be around $300 lower than the last year’s version.

There is also a rumored iPhone SE2 that is included in the release this September. The famous line of the masses known for its price is one of the favorites. Now, reports are circulating that this year’s version will come with a notch similar to the current iPhone X model.

This is a contradiction based on the memo made by Ming-Chi Kuo. It was said in that memo that Apple is too busy creating the other lines. If Ming is correct, the company will only provide hardware upgrades in the chipset and the camera section.

Another phone in the form of iPhone 9 or iPhone 11 will also become available in September alongside iPhone SE2 and iPhone X Plus. Apple may also remove the “S” naming in the iPhone and might be a similar scheme to the iPad line.

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