Apple Watch 4 Arriving this 2018, Major Redesign Allegedly In Motion

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Although the Apple Watch started out slow, the device is now one of the most can’t-miss-it products that have come out of Apple. In fact, the latest Apple Watch outsold most watch manufacturers in the industry, which includes big names such as Rolex, Omega, and even Swatch – all before 2017 ended.

According to sources (via Business Insider), Apple isn’t going to leave its place at the top anytime soon as preparations for an Apple Watch 4 has already been set in motion. With this in mind, KGI believes that Apple’s unit sales will skyrocket to a whopping 22-24 million this year – an increase of 30% year-over-year.

While specifics have not been made clear, the new watch is expected to drop sometime this fall alongside the new iPhones. Many also believe that the new Apple Watch will improve on various aspects of the last iteration mainly on design, battery life, and health tracking. Taking this into account, we’ve listed down everything that might appear on Apple’s next smartwatch.

A Design Overhaul

As reported by 9To5Mac, KGI Security Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the Apple Watch 4 is in for a major design change. Kuo foresees that Apple will adhere to a more ‘trendier’ design aesthetic for this new model, which is probably true seeing as the Apple Watch hasn’t seen much of an update in this regard since its initial release. A clue which clearly illustrates this new endeavor is Apple’s new patent designs for a round watch face – released to the public just last year. However, in contrast, Business Insider insists that Apple will probably stay close to its roots this time around and keep the current rectangular watch shape.

Besides a design shift, Kuo also suggests that Apple will implement a bigger screen in the upcoming accessory, following the same aesthetic with the iPhone X – smaller bezels and a larger display. Currently, the Apple Watch comes in two sizes 38mm and 42mm.

Updated Tracking Sensors

Kuo also predicts that the Apple Watch4 will have updates on its health-tracking sensors. Though it hasn’t been revealed what type of trackers will be integrated, Apple has already hinted that it wants to add more health monitoring functionality to the product.

September of last year, Apple partnered with Stanford University for Apple Heart study – a program that will monitor Apple watch users’ heart rates for irregularities and possible signs of heart disease. Taking this action into account, it’s likely that Apple will push through with advancements concerning health tracking and monitoring for their next watch.

Better Battery Life

Another aspect which Kuo believes Apple will improve on in this next device is battery life. For reference, the Apple Watch 3 only runs for 18 hours and when compared to other smartwatches like Fitbit and Garmin Vivoactive, which runs for a number of days, it pales in comparison. With this being the case, it’s totally within Apple’s plans to extend the run time of its next Apple Watch.

Overall, all of these speculations are within Apple’s range of action. However, it still remains to be seen if these new features will be integrated into the new watch, and more importantly if the Apple Watch 4 really does exist. As always, we urge our readers to look towards Apple for official confirmations and updates.

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