New AMD Radeon RX 500X Appears on AMD’s Official Website Ahead Of Its Reveal

Jasper Valdez
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It appears AMD is trying to get its fans hyped up as it provided hints of a new graphics card lineup through its official website. The newly curated GPU is believed to be the new AMD Radeon RX 500X series, the refreshed version of last year’s Radeon 500 roster.

Although it was unexpected, this particular development did not come as a surprise to many. Back in 2017, AMD already announced that it was planning to reinvigorate the Radeon 500 lineup, which will come with the new 12nm manufacturing process technology developed by Globalfoundries and the Vega architecture. Despite the presence of this information, AMD has kept mum on the GPU’s development all throughout 2018.

According to Wccftech, many assumed that the project was shelved since information on the product has been scarce. On top of this, when AMD revealed their tech roadmap in CES back in January of this year, they did not mention anything regarding the new card, which reinforced speculations of the project’s cancellation.

Besides the updates above, other details about the new AMD Radeon RX 500X have been left in the dark. However, The Nerd Mag argues that with the NVIDIA GeForce 11’s rumored release this July, AMD is bound to issue new data on the revamped Radeon RX 500x roster.

In other news, new reports indicate that the new Vega 11 is also just waiting for an unveiling. AMD has already started providing Intel with Vega 11 GPU dies, which is needed for the former’s Kaby Lake G components. Wccftech adds that though it has yet to be seen, the new Vega 11 GPU could also be within AMD’s plans for a major refresh.

Overall, this new information does not reveal much in terms of AMD’s new products. But despite this, we assure users and consumers that AMD will release new updates the soonest seeing as NVIDIA’s GeForce 11 is just around the corner.

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