Netflix To End December Run On A High Note

Purnima Gupta
2:57 PM

Netflix is coming up with some awesome picks for this December. Get ready to binge watch the best shows from different genres – family, science fiction, thriller, comedy, and action.

When it’s the Christmas month, kick in some holiday season enthusiasm with Captain America Civil War & Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. That’s quite a lot for the Christmas season, already. Isn’t it? Netflix continues the holiday fervor with Disney’s Santa Claus series for the gang of kids in the home.

Family Shows

There are some good family shows lined up in the month of December 2017. Including The Mighty Duck 2, The Angry Birds, Toys, and Honey, Honey I Shrunk The Kids and the famous Harry and the Hendersons. Also, do not forget to grab the superb comedies of yesteryear – Ace Ventura series.

When it’s the time around the Christmas Eve, you can also watch some enticing picks like Creep 2, Myths & Monsters Season 1, Cable Girls, Planet Earth 2. Be ready to spend a power-packed Christmas season 2017.

Thrillers and Entertainment

For thrill seekers, there is Forbidden Games, Tyson, Dark Season 1. To continue the excitement further, there are Netflix originals offering a pot-pouri of genres all throughout the month – A Storybots Christmas, All Hail King Julien, DreamWorks Home, Easy, My Happy Family, Voyeur, Craig Ferguson: Tickle Fight, The Crown, Christmas Inheritance; You name it and Netflix has it already on their list for this month.

You will also get to see some edgy entertainment this month with the Hannibal and National Animal Lampoon’s Animal House. Post-Christmas time on Netflix there will be a line-up of some great shows – Beat Bugs, Larva, Pororo, Puffin Rock, Skylanders Academy etc.

Closing Shows

December will bring in closing for some shows too. Bedazzled, Black Snake Moan, Cousin Bette, Practical Magic, Picture Perfect, The Crucible, Waking Life, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will bid goodbye to the viewers this month in December on Netflix.

There is more to watch out for including Santa. This is going to be an awesome holiday season for sure!

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