Things You Need To Know About Google Pixel 3: Specs, Release Date, And Variants

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Google is poised to come up with its own Pixel line-up to keep up with Samsung Galaxy S models and Apple iPhone X. Leaked source codes, codenamed as “crosshatch,” “albacore,” and “blueline,” had kept developers and followers on their toes guessing the specs, release dates, and possible variants.

The company had kept mum about the rumored Pixel line-up. Despite Google’s silence, rumors ran high that better product is on the drawing board after the successful launch of Pixel 2, considered as last year’s one of the best smartphones in the market.

There was no official confirmation from the tech giant in its Android Open Source Project (AOSP) about the new Pixel 3. The leaked source codes, however, positively indicated that there are more than meets the eye: not one but three new models are to be expected from Google.

Of the three expected models, it is more likely that Google will have one for the high-end market and the remaining two will premium or low-priced models to cater to the low-end market segment. Speculations are ripe that the company is widely seen to follow Apple’s lead in launching iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus by releasing its own – Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and, of course, the high-end model.

As to the new device specs, there is a very scant detail from Google itself. This does prevent most followers to make an intelligent guess based on Pixel 2, which was followed by Pixel 2XL capable of launching Google Assistant when users squeeze its side made possible by the Active Edge technology.

Google can bring this Active Edge technology to a notch higher by making it customizable in Pixel 3 like launching an app for camera and shortcuts to give users easy access to apps. It is likely that the new device will also be bezel-less, unlike the Pixel 2.

Despite sketchy information available, one certain improvement Google may include in the new device is an improved camera. Smartphone makers had shared common fetish on the camera capabilities of their devices. Google is the last to be left behind in this regard.

Take for example how Pixel 2 XL had outsmarted other flagships such as iPhone X and Galaxy S9 in terms of camera performance. The company had all the reason to surprise the market with its Google Pixel 3 release especially that both Samsung and Apple had their respective improvements as far as the camera is concerned.

Aside from these expected features, most followers are guessing if the new device will feature wireless charging similar to iPhone X and iPhone 8. Google, despite its silence, in all likelihood is considering the inclusion of wireless charging in order to compete with Apple flagships.

Google is known to follow a particular pattern in releasing previous devices. Both Pixel/ Pixel X1 and Pixel 2 were released in 2016 and 2017 on October 4. It is likely that the tech giant will keep that date as its release date this year, especially for its expensive model. For its premium models, speculations had it that Pixel 3 will be released earlier, say, August or September.

Google Pixel 3 and variants, plus all the expected upgrades and improvements, some additional dollars are expected for its pricing. Reasonable estimates had put the price of the new device to start at $1, 039.

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