Naughty America Launches A New Platform That Can Insert Customers Into Porn Using Deepfake Technology

Ronald Balondo
6:25 PM

Naughty America, an adult film company, just recently launched a new platform to spice up the porn industry. The adult film company integrated one of the most interesting technology in their arsenal which comes in the form of Deepfake.

When Deepfake technology was introduced, it made a huge impact in the video editing scene. This was amplified when the technology was used in certain video categories like adult film section and is widely used by porn sites to get the most from their videos.

The move of Naughty America in using Deepfake is an aimed towards a personalized video clip delivered to their customers. The customers can pay for the service and they’ll be able to include themselves in the clip playing together with the actors and actresses.

For the process to become completed, the fans that subscribed to the feature can send Naughty America some sample video and photo of themselves. It would also be helpful if those sample photos and videos will feature different facial expressions and the company’s software will do its magic. Currently, the company’s legal department is working with the actors and actresses showing in the clip and is now in the process of getting a consent.

The only thing that they need to work out with the use of Deepfake is the potential problem with the authenticity of the photos and videos that they will get from their customers. Also, the consent of the people that will be featured in the subscriber’s video samples which can lead to a third party being the subject of the clip without even knowing what happened or without giving permission to use their faces.

Above all, Naughty America is presenting a new way to get the technology involved in a new venture and it is interesting to see what can develop in the near future. For now, the company’s CEO mentioned that the technology that they are using is just another form of video editing which makes sense and further clarifying that “Deepfakes don’t hurt people, people using deepfakes hurt people.”

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