Microsoft's 'A Moment Of Your Time' Event, Expectations and News

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Microsoft will be busy in the coming weeks not only because of the talked about major Windows 10 October 2018 update, but also with their event which is tagged as ‘A Moment of Your Time’. The company’s event will start at 4 PM Eastern time and will be held in New York City. What are the things we could expect in this event, let’s take a look?

Some speculated that Microsoft will release the rumored ‘Project Andromeda’ aka Surface Phone that is said to have a dual screen device. On the other hand, many suggest that the company might reveal a refreshed Surface Pro Tablet and Surface Laptop with an upgraded processor.

The refreshed Surface devices will most likely feature the newly announced 8th generation Intel processor, the Whiskey Lake U Series, and the Amber Lake Y Series processors. If this is the case, Microsoft’s new devices will feature more calculating power blend with a more energy efficient chipset.

Other Surface products such as the Surface Book got a buff in its processor earlier this year. The Surface Go, the versatile tablet and laptop also got introduced shortly after the Surface Book. Microsoft is full of surprises and I can’t wait to see what the company can offer.

Could the October event also be the place where the Surface Pro 6 makes a grand entrance? Might be. We have seen the Surface Pro line stagnant for almost two years now and an overhaul to the line would be fitting to compete with other products in the market today.

We may also see an update to some Surface products that doesn’t support LTE yet. With the improvement in Intel’s chipset, it is more likely to get a boost in connectivity both for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals. Other than that, a buff in RAM and other aspects are expected if ever there is a revamp that will happen in Microsoft’s October event.

Aside from the hardware, Microsoft will likely aim towards its software as well. Hiding under the project name 19H1, the next major update for Windows 10 will also be the center for the press event. The company usually hosts two major updates annually, one in spring and another one in fall.

Currently, there are very little details about Microsoft’s event and their event logo shows little to no signs on what can happen on October 2nd. Talking about the logo, it only shows their main event slogan and the company’s name at the top so the agenda for the event is still not yet clear. We might have to wait for a bit to find out what Microsoft is planning with their October event.

The tech community will be very busy this time of the year. The fall season announcement from other tech giants such as Apple and Google is scheduled with only a few weeks in between them.

Apple leading the way for the fall season announcement for their iPhone event happening on September 12. On the other hand, Google has an event that will feature its Pixel 3 and possibly, their PixelBook line on October 9th.

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