Microsoft's Xbox Two Will Feature Multiple Variants In 2020, News And Rumors

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Microsoft’s Xbox family currently sits as one of the best gaming consoles that we have seen so far. However, the company still wanted more and will give us more console. Phil Spencer, the company’s vice-president of gaming and the head of the Xbox brand, might have slipped out one of the biggest news in the gaming community. This happened at the recent E3 event.

Phil mentioned that the gaming console team is “deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles.” The key to his answer is the word ‘consoles.’ It is just a small word but it means a lot to any gaming enthusiasts.

Many people think that it might be the same case as the one we have seen with the Xbox One and followed by the Xbox One X variant. Releasing a new console and after a few years, a refreshed model with more powerful internals.

However, with the new era of gamers emerging in all aspect and steps of society, it makes sense if the company will create two separate lines and release it targeting a specific market group. Microsoft may create a high-end Xbox Two for a premium price and another one with mid-level specs with a more budget-friendly price tag.

Next Generation Xbox Two Availability

Rumors suggest that the next generation Xbox Two will become available as early as 2020 up to 2021. With this in mind, we might see news from Microsoft about the new generation console at the next year’s E3 event

The last Xbox installment, the Xbox One X, was just released back in 2017. With its latest under the hood internals, it would be hard to top it out. If the rumors were true, the three-year gap between the last installment and the next generation console could work together and enable playing games in cross-platforms across the Xbox family.

With Sony, the manufacturer of the PlayStation line –Microsoft’s direct competition in the gaming console market — also rumored on working on the next version PS5. The news also suggests that the company will work on its release by 2020 to 2021. This forces Microsoft’s indirect response to why they are planning to gear up the Xbox Two within the same year.

How Much Would The Xbox Two Costs?

Reflecting the pasts release pattern and costs of the current and the pasts generation Xbox console, we are expecting that the price would still cost consumers a lot. The Xbox One costs about $500 when it moved out to the market but will all the advancements, Xbox Two would cost more than that so it is time to save up.

What Can We Expect From The Xbox Two?

Being the most powerful gaming console in the current market, it is hard to outdo the standard set the Xbox One X with 4K HDR capabilities. The Xbox Two might set the 4K resolution as a standard throughout the games available in the platform. If you’re thinking VR and MR integration (virtual and mixed reality), this might not come to the next generation Xbox.

The 2018 E3 game reveals and spoilers might provide us with clues on what games are running on the Xbox Two. We reported a few weeks ago here at 73buzz that some of the games might feature a bridge between consoles. The backward game compatibility will still be present in the next generation console.

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