Microsoft's Surface Go Sets The Stage For Future Surface Devices

Ronald Balondo
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Microsoft’s Surface project already releases one of its products, the Surface Go. However, it is not the most awaited pocket-sized handheld device that is floating around the community these past few months. The newest addition to the Surface family could probably just a stepping stone to a much bigger stage for the Andromeda also known as the Surface Phone.

Consumers love the new 10-inch display of the Surface Go along with the mobility that it provides. The potential of this device is great since we are looking at a handy tablet that also can be used as a laptop.

With this in mind, this could be just the starting point for the company to provide more powerful devices in a more compact chassis. Microsoft continues its venture and pushing the line into new heights and the efforts may soon pay off.

The Project ‘Andromeda’ that appeared around the community points to a new Surface device which is likely the Surface Phone, that is more compact, mobile and probably more powerful than the new Surface Go. According to recent reports, this project will feature a size that can fit into our pockets.

According to a recent news, there were some delays about the release of the Andromeda project from the company. The rumors suggest that the new Surface Phones will be moved to 2019 and the purpose of the release of the Surface Go is to make room for enhancing the Andromeda. The company might want their future lines to be more effective and efficient, meaning they are not rushing things, especially for the Surface Andromeda project.

The reclining display allows the device to adapt to the users’ preference while the lightweight design makes it possible to carry it around. Microsoft mentioned a unique catchline for this stating that “Surface Go is by your side wherever you are.”

Microsoft positioned themselves in the best possible spot to make future moves possible. We might have to wait for 2019 for the Surface Phone to come out from the company’s shelves. For now, let’s enjoy the Surface Go and the new dimension it provides.

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