Microsoft's HoloLens Looking More Desirable Than Ever To AR App-Makers

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Microsoft’s HoloLens now has more features to offer, making it more desirable than ever. It now has access to the video stream from the color camera, a new Research Mode, and more. This is due to its recent update to Windows 10 which led to unlocking its whole sensor suite.

The New Features

According to Slash Gear report, the applications running on HoloLens now has access to the video stream from the color camera which is mounted on the front and audio from its microphones. However, these are only a part of the overall sensors.

The report points out that on the device itself, it has four grayscale cameras which allow it to track the environment around it. Two cameras capture the area in front which allows apps to figure out the absolute depth of tracked visual features through triangulation, while the other two point further to the side which expands the field of view. Although these cameras lack color capture, they’re actually more light-sensitive than the color camera that the device uses.

Another camera on the device is the depth camera which is mounted at the top of the headset. This camera uses infrared and operates in two modes.

On one of its modes, it runs at 30fps and tracks nearby objects like hands moving in the device’s field of vision. It features a lower-frequency mode responsible for clocking that down to 1-5gfps for far-depth sensing which the device uses for spatial mapping. Given that the device has an IR emitter, it will allow taking illuminated images that are unaffected by the ambient light conditions.

But thanks with the update to Windows 10 for Hololens, it now offers a new Research Mode which allows developers to tap into the raw image of sensor streams. Although users can still use Microsoft’s own computer vision algorithms that the device provides, the raw data will also allow users (specifically app-makers) to use their own algorithms. In addition to this, the device will support local processing and wirelessly transfer the data to another PC or into the cloud.

So what do you guys think about the new features of the Hololens regarding it now has access to the video stream from the color camera, a new Research Mode, and support for local processing wireless transfer? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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