Microsoft's Foldable Phone, Codenamed Andromeda, Will Not Surface This Year or Maybe Never

Daphne Planca
12:54 PM

The long-rumored portable Surface Phone from the tech company Microsoft as well as the Andromeda OS software seems not to be releasable this year or maybe never. Many published patents, development kits, and leaked memos were pinpointing the upcoming device.

According to ZDNet, the Andromeda operating system bits will not make it into the final version as the company’s executives decided over the last several weeks. The company might have run into unsolvable problems since the hardware of the foldable phone is a lot different than other devices. So, they might incorporate the Redstone 5, which is the next Windows 10 feature to release this coming October.

The company’s move is logical since it is not advisable to introduce a first-generation device with software that is not ready at all and full of criticisms. We will never know. This leaked information might be just a tactic for the company to just check on the consumer’s response.

In terms of scheduling and quality, the company is rumored to split the engineering team for Windows software. Instead of focusing more on cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the new team will retool the current software as well as the services to get the benefits from those platforms.

Last week, the foldable phone is speculated to feature five modes depending on how the screens are positioned using the 360-degree hinge. The flat would let the two screens merge as a tablet. The conclave will be like the usual laptop mode. Then, the convex is like in a tent mode, and the full if the backsides of the screens touch each other. If you touch the faces together, the device will go to sleep.

One thing is for sure. The Surface Phone will not be unveiled this year. There is also a slimmer chance for the next year. As of now, the Andromeda is still on hold and might be canceled. Similar rumors got surfaced in 2015 that a new design was created entirely for the device.

So, what do you think on the latest leak about the Microsoft Surface Phone a.k.a. Andromeda? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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