Microsoft Xbox Two (Scarlett) Will Have A Major Advantage Against The PS5, Xbox Adaptive Controller For Disabled People To Be Unveiled

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As of March of 2018, Sony has sold has sold 75 million units of PlayStation 4, while Microsoft has only sold 36 million units of its Xbox One. However, with the upcoming Xbox Two (Scarlett), it seems that it will have a major advantage over its counterpart – the PlayStation 5.

What is this advantage? Well, it’s an affordable monthly payment plan that will surely entice anyone that’s interested in console gaming.

The Monthly Payment

According to a report, Microsoft has recently announced the Xbox All Access. Instead of paying everything all at once, customers will be able to get an Xbox console along with a few more benefits by paying a monthly fee.

Take for example the Xbox One S 1 TB console where customers will be paying $21.99 a month. As for the benefits, well, they will also have access to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass. Pretty sweet, right?

So what could be the monthly fee for the Xbox Two (Scarlett)? Unfortunately, there are no solid rumors or official announcements regarding its price tag. But we’re expecting to cost more than its predecessors by the very least.

When Is It Coming?

As for when will the Xbox Scarlett be released, the popular belief is that it will come around 2020 which will coincide with the expected release date of the PS5. However, there have also been reports suggesting that the PS5 could be released on 2019, but the probability of it happening is only about 25 percent – according to industry analyst Michael Patcher.

Upcoming Xbox Controller For Disabled People

On other news, Microsoft is reportedly going to unveil its Xbox Adaptive Controller at the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Rapid Response Collecting exhibition (V&A). This controller was made for people with disabilities. It was first announced on May of 2018 and is expected to be released this month with a retail price of $99.99.

Which console gaming device are you planning to buy? Also, what can you say about the controller designed for disabled people? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below

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