Microsoft Xbox Two: Console Set To Release By 2020

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Microsoft has done well to penetrate the gaming console industry that was initially only controlled by the Nintendo and Sony. This feat was only possible through the Xbox console, which helped shape the industry to what it is today. However, as we all know, Microsoft isn’t stopping until it completely overwhelms its competition and this might be possible through their next platform, the Xbox Two.

With this in mind, it’s natural for fans to wonder what the new console will offer this time around. But more important than this, the question we should be asking is, when will the Xbox Two officially debut? It seems like we won’t have to look anywhere else as another prominent news outlet has provided us with a new estimate detailing the console’s arrival.

According to Eurogamer, we won’t be seeing the Xbox Two until two years from now. This new timeline of release was based on the current GPU and CPU roadmaps scheduled for the coming years, which isn’t much when it comes to power and performance improvements. In addition to this, Eurogamer also considered the power leaps that each generation of consoles come down with, which is six to eight folds on the norm.

Taking all of these factors into account, they suggested that the most appropriate time to drop the console is sometime in 2020. This time frame enables all needed technology to cool down, be available, and land on a price marker that’s ideal for consoles.

To come to this conclusion, Eurogamer made use of AMD’s GPU and CPU roadmap for the years 2017-2020, which Microsoft and Sony use for their consoles. In this particular information sheet, it’s obvious that we won’t be seeing significant performance gains until two years from now -which leads us to assume that 2020 is indeed a suitable candidate for the Xbox Two’s outing.

Another aspect which T3 believes hampers the early debut of the console is the release of the Xbox One X – whose current specs allow it to play in 4K and in HDR mode. With this being the case, T3 agrees with the 2020 claim as it’s not physically and financially possible yet for Microsoft to provide a successor to the Xbox One X and given that resources have not reached an ideal point.

Though this claim hasn’t been proven yet, it seems to us that the outcome won’t be too far-off from this prediction. However, it’s still necessary for fans and consumers to take these new developments with a grain of salt as Microsoft has yet to issue their plans for the next-generation Xbox Two console. On the brighter side, we now have this to rely on.

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