Microsoft Xbox Two "Lockhart" And "Anaconda" Coming In Late 2020

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Last week, reported about Microsoft’s Xbox Two’s development kit will be codenamed “Anaconda”. This time around, in addition to the “Anaconda” console, we’ll also talk about Xbox Two “Lockhart” and the rumored launch date of both consoles.

Keeping Up With The Reptile Theme

As revealed by Windows Central’s Jezzle (@JezCorden) via Twitter, the Xbox Two’s dev kit will be codenamed as “Anaconda”. This is to keep up with the reptile theme.

According to eTeknix, with Microsoft’s previous consoles, the Xbox One was codenamed “Durango”, while Xbox One X was “Chuckwalla”. Both of which are reptiles.

So What About “Scarlett”?

On the same tweet, Jezzle was asked about that. This is what he had to say:

Scarlett has always been the project of next gen, not the console.”

In fact, according to Thurrott, Microsoft describes Scarlett as a family of devices so we may see multiple pieces of hardware being released. As for the release date, it could be in 2020.

So What About “Lockhart?”

According to a recent report by Jez Corden, their sources told them that two consoles are aiming for a 2020 holiday debut. These consoles are “S 2” (referencing Xbox One S) for “Lockhart” and “X 2” (referencing Xbox One X) for “Anaconda”.

As you may have noticed, there is no reptile called “Lockhart” – not that we know of. So where is the reptile theme? Well, what we do know is that there’s an animal shelter at 547 Old McMahan Trail, Lockhart, TX 78644, USA. But hey, if any of you know, drop a comment down below.

Anyway, back to the consoles.

The “Lockhart” console will be cheaper and is said to be around as powerful as the current Xbox One X hardware-wise along with some refinements under the hood. On the other hand, the “Anaconda” console will be more powerful and expensive, providing a cutting-edge console gaming experience.

So What’s The Expected Price?

Unfortunately, there was no mention of the price tags. However, ExpertReviews suggests that the Xbox Two could be £500 ($629) at a minimum considering that the Xbox One X launched with a price tag of £450 ($566). However, given that there are multiple devices planned under the “Scarlett” codename, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if there would be one reaching £600 ($755).

Other Rumors

Corden also notes that Microsoft is rumored to be exploring technology to dramatically reduce loading times, potentially including SDD storage. In addition to that, there’s backward compatibility and the new platform dubbed as “Game Core”, as part of the Windows Core OS, which the Scarlett family will support. Furthermore, the Scarlett family consoles will offer disc drives options.

Are you excited for the Xbox Two Scarlett devices? Tell us in the comment section below.

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