Microsoft Will Introduce The Xbox Two Earlier Than PlayStation 5

Ruby Balagso
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Microsoft divulged during its E3 2018 presentation that the company is actively developing its Xbox Two. Although the said announcement was the only official disclosure given, a report that surfaced on the internet hinted that Microsoft is aiming to introduce its next-Xbox before the PlayStation 5 hits store shelves.

The above revelation was according to Michael Pachter, an industry analyst, who discussed the forthcoming consoles during a Gamingbolt interview. As per Pachter, Microsoft is planning to publicly introduce its Xbox Two before Sony launches its PlayStation 5.

Pachter further stated that he foresees the next-Xbox to come out in 2020. Should Sony likewise launch the PlayStation 5 in 2020, Microsoft will be introducing its console before the said time frame.

The basis why Pachter assumes that Microsoft will be introducing its next-gen console before Sony’s PlayStation 5 is that the former intends to have the advantage of an early start. This is because Sony has monopolized the current-gen, and Microsoft does not like that to occur one more time.

Microsoft has not given any technical specification details about its Xbox Two. However, the forthcoming Microsoft console is expected to have the GDDR6 together with a new kind of DRAM. As stated in a job listing, Microsoft is taking into account a new kind of DRAM and GDDR6 memory for the company’s upcoming Xbox.

The next-gen console announcement made by Microsoft came as a surprise because the Xbox One X that was launched in the previous year has the capacity for a 4K gaming. But the devs stated that the Xbox One X’s CPU is the “bottleneck.”

As reported by Fazan Studios, Xbox One X’s CPU considered as a “bottleneck” in terms of modern games and tech related to games is a common knowledge. Hence, it would be great to witness the upgrade of the CPU for the Xbox One X so the bottleneck is eliminated.

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