Microsoft Will Totally Redesign The Surface Phone For 2019

Ruby Balagso
2:58 PM

For the past weeks, Microsoft has been making a big splash about the launch date of its Surface Phone over a covert route. The project is similar to a convenient computing concept that can be worked on in the same way that was done on the Nintendo Switch. However, more work is still required.

Internal sources from Thurrott have given numerous reasons why the Surface Phone’s launch date has been moved to 2019. For the time being, Microsoft has been pondering on whether to launch the Andromeda project during the holiday season. But have ultimately decided to pull the plug and delay the launch date.

Currently, Microsoft is mainly concern about the confusion its users might have about its Surface label. This is because the company’s brand is already regarded as an original and well-known brand for laptops and tablets. The company’s hesitation in specifying a launch date could be based on the fact that it still needs to perfect the device.

A more compact gadget that is equipped with a more inferior processing power that has a substandard execution capacity could impair the renowned status of the Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Laptop. This is something that Microsoft hopes to avoid, thus, it maintains a “go and no go” stance until everything is straightened out.

Another thing to consider is that the new dynamic ARM silicon which Qualcomm is currently developing will not be available until the latest part of this year. This means that another work in progress will again be put on hold for a year at the most.

Having disclosed all that, the Surface Phone at present is verified to still be within the pipeline. Hence, Surface Phone followers and users still have hope that the said device will be released into the market if not on an earlier expected date, then soon enough.

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