Microsoft Turns Santa For This Boy; Act Goes Viral!

Purnima Gupta
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“An act of kindness never goes in vain”. A boy from Beachwood, Ohio, United States has proven these words correct. Mikah Frye had USD $300 to buy an Xbox this year. He always wished for an Xbox. However, this year on Christmas, he decided to do something better with the money he had. Mikah decided to fulfill other’s dreams.

Mikah Frye is a young boy from Ohio who has seen difficult times. When Mikah and his family became homeless a few years, they had to live in a shelter home. Mikah remembered that during winters he and his family were given blanket every night. But in the morning those blankets were to be returned. This particular thing disturbed Mikah.

Eventually, when Mikah’s family started doing better they shifted on their own. Now at present, Mikah is enjoying his time with his family. While he was given USD $300 to buy Xbox, he decided to spend the money on blankets. Yes, Mikah recalled what it felt like to stay at a shelter home. He wanted to give blankets to the homeless who can keep them,

For this year’s Christmas, Mikah has pledged to donate USD $300, which he received from his grand mother to buy Xbox. His act of kindness and selflessness instantly got appreciated from local news station. Making this a viral and trending news.

When this viral news reached the IT giant Microsoft they decided to do a Santa for Mikah too. Reportedly, when Mikah walked a Microsoft store, store employees directed him at the back. Where a Santa offered Mikah with his most desired Christmas gift. Microsoft surprised this boy with a brand new XBOX and the boy was in tears. Microsoft’s thoughtful act for a kind boy is indeed a true act of kindness.

We are sure this Christmas will be a memorable one forever for Mikah and his family.

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