Microsoft Expected To Succeed On Its Surface Phone; Reasons To Love Upcoming Device Detailed

Maricris Jose
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Even though the previous Microsoft phones flopped, some tech enthusiasts believe that the upcoming Surface Phone will succeed. As a matter of fact, there are numerous reasons to love this device and here are some of them.

Phones and Tablets are Unexciting

There’s a significant reduction in the sales of phones and tablets and it’s believed that the users are already bored with the glass rectangles. As a matter of fact, smartphone companies are making an effort to thrill the tech fanatics with crazy modernizations. But for the typical business market, the resolution will have to thrill with handiness, sensibleness, flexibility, and modernism.

Clamshell is an Impeccable Smartphone Form

Tech giants like Apple and Samsung are doing a lot of effort to reduce bezels. We’re now on the brink of zero-bezel smartphones. Accomplishing zero bezels enables the smartphone makers to double the screen real estate by utilizing two screens side-by-side. The moment two screens on a clamshell device can really touch when opened, they can be used as a single and bigger screen.

Pen Will be Back

When Steve Jobs convincingly announced that “nobody wants a stylus”, no one continued to favor stylus. But the scenario has changed when Apple announced its iPad Pro Apple Pencil way back in 2015. The pen is expected to be back for some business users as they might be searching for a pen-based mobile that’s more advanced than a simple phone with a pen.

Combination of Pen and Finger Gestures is Microsoft’s Forte

The Redmond-based company has always been infatuated with styluses and has piloted deep R&D on pen-and-touch gestures as the years passed by. Microsoft has projected for years a new sphere of tools invented on screens by utilizing the fingers on one hand and a pen on the other one.

On-Screen Keyboard Revolution is Approaching

We’re already at the edge of a modernization in all devices, wherein the physical keyboards are expected to be on end of life status. Artificial intelligence, innovative haptics and modernization in screen design will make the world not dangerous for dual-screen gadgets and on-screen keyboards.

Microsoft Owns Killer Hinge Technology

The hinge technology has grown into such a huge deal at Microsoft. In fact, the latest in a long queue of dual-screen smartphone hinge patents which was published this week does not only facilitate the two screens to touch in the center when opened but also addresses numerous “modes” and orientations of such a gadget.

Microsoft An Interesting Camera Technology

Microsoft isn’t usually connected with the advancement in mobile camera technology. But a fascinating set of concepts materialized in Microsoft patents this month, which included one for how a camera might function in a clamshell handset.

The Redmond-based tech giant’s patent covers the idea of a front snapper that protrudes. But then, there’s also an indent on the other portion to house that lump when the smartphone is closed.

Microsoft is More Affluent in Business

The Microsoft smartphones flopped due to the company’s historic struggle succeeding in the mass customer in the mobile market. The tech company’ real forte is in the inventiveness and that’s where it might possibly succeed with the Surface Phone.

With the aforementioned things about the Surface Phone, do you think it will succeed in the mobile market? Share your thought with us in the comment section.

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