Microsoft Surface Pro 5: 9 Things To Look Out For In Upcoming Tablet Hybrid

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As the Surface brand has established a strong reputation among tech consumers and critics, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 has proven to be one of the devices that everyone is watching out for. The buying public expects the next tablet-laptop hybrid to present radical improvements and changes to the product line’s exciting offerings.

Possible Microsoft Surface Pro 5 features

The new Surface Pro is already sure to be among the most highly anticipated devices in the next few years. The following are the rumored features and specs that will come with the Surface Pro 5:

Better processing power

The previous Surface Pro devices have powerful processors but are not exactly the most updated. For example, the 2017 model only has a 7th-generation Intel processor as it came out a few months before the chip manufacturer unveiled its next generation. It is reasonable to expect that the upcoming Whiskey Lake chips will be used.

Improved battery life

Battery life was one of the biggest issues that users have with the Surface Pro 4. It fell well below the promised battery life that Microsoft promised. If the company will be able to improve the device’s battery life, the Surface Pro 5 device will be able to compete with MacBooks and similar laptop and tablets.

Enhanced Cortana

Cortana was designed as Microsoft’s personal assistant for Windows 10. Using it will make things more efficient.

USB-C slot

Generally speaking, USB Type-C slots have faster transfer rates. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may become the first in the product line to feature this.

Fingerprint recognition

As more companies are realizing the value of fingerprint recognition, Microsoft will surely integrate the feature into the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 as well. This makes the device even more secure.

Upgraded peripherals integration

Apart from the lauded Surface Dial, the upcoming Surface Pro device will also be getting improved integration for its usual peripherals. This includes headsets, wearables, and others as Microsoft is committed to revolutionizing the concept of “modern PC.”

Innovative stylus technology

There are reports that Microsoft plans to update the Surface Pen. According to patents registered under the company, it may have a retention clip that has the same functionality as a mouse scroll.

Larger and sharper screen

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 already has one of the sharpest screens for a tablet in the market. But if its successor achieves a 4K display, it will become a must-have.

Better bundles

The dismal sales of Surface devices last year may result in better bundles for buyers. This could result in more affordable overall prices for both the gadget and the accessories.

Pricing and release date

It looks like Microsoft will be skipping a Surface device release this year. This could reset the forthcoming Surface release calendars to a biennial schedule. Previously, the company launches at least one device annually. The most likely release months are June and October next year.

Surface devices are known for price fluctuations across releases. There are, however, credible reports that the hybrid gadget will start at $799 in the United States for the base model.

Will you buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 when it gets released? Which of the items listed above are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section.

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