Microsoft Surface Phone Will Likely Launch Next Month With Windows 10 Update? Everything You Must Know

Daphne Planca
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Early next month, the Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft just announced that they will be holding its annual developer conference called the Microsoft Build in Seattle, Washington, on May 7-9. Numerous key developments and products that the company created and refined, including Surface Phone, will be showcased.

During the said event, many have high expectations from the Microsoft to discuss its updates on the Windows 10 operating system dubbed as the Spring Creators Update. This update got online earlier this year for a short period of time because of a catastrophic glitch that was uncovered and needs to be fixed up. This update will also feature high-definition resolution support, Timeline, dictation, and further Fluent Design changes.

Some updates are also coming from its popular Surface-branded hardware line-up. In the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 5, the Microsoft has replaced the phone-related APIs (application-programming interface) making way for third-party developers to begin working on programs and more applications that will likely run on the long-rumored Surface Phone and ready to adopt the design later in this year. The headline feature of the Redstone 5 is tabbed apps.

According to Express, even if the Microsoft has no clear announcement for their plans this coming Build 2018, it seems to be an appropriate event for an announcement or perhaps a teaser of the Surface Phone since it was where the HoloLens headset got extensively introduced and demoed back in 2015. The conference is also a great venue for the company to unveil new hardware to the public.

The Microsoft Surface Phone was previously reported as a pocket PC device fit for a business set-up and will come with a stylus, folding screen technology, and phone capabilities. The folding screen patents for this device have been appearing on the web for years now. The device was also known as the company’s Project Andromeda.

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