Microsoft Surface Phone To Flaunt Two Displays According To Recent Patent

Maricris Jose
2:15 PM

There have been numerous speculations about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. As a matter of fact, recently leaked patent hints that the much-awaited handset from the Redmond-based tech giant will flaunt two displays.

According to Windows Report, one of the Surface Phone patents emphasizes how a device with two displays could distinguish which display has the user’s concentration. The said Microsoft Surface Phone patent is consisting of a foldable mobile handset that integrates an assortment of sensors that can sense the display positions.

Aside from that, the company also published another foldable phone patent this month which was originally filed in 2016. The said patent indicates a hinged mobile device that has three displays. The alleged patent of Microsoft Surface Phone shows how a third display can be incorporated into the handset’s hinge. That third display could link the two primary displays together or function as a visual divider.

Credit- Windows Report

Many are thinking that this device might be the Microsoft Surface Phone. However, since the company hasn’t confirmed this handset’s existence yet, it can be just a new breed of folding phones which has been rumored to be in the works. With that being said, that device might be a 2-in-1 tablet and smartphone.

Moreover, there is also a possibility that the device could also be a new type of dual display tablet. A tablet that has two or even three displays would definitely be something distinctive. Its users can open applications in each of the two displays to use two apps at once. Additionally, both of the Microsoft tablet and foldable phone would possibly include the modular Windows Core OS.

Despite the existence of these patents, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed if these will be the much-awaited Surface Phone. But then, whether it is indeed the Microsoft Surface Phone, only the company can confirm it so it is advised that you stay tuned for further announcements.

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