Microsoft Surface Phone May Completely Replace Tablets

Harsh Soni
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Rumors regarding the Microsoft Surface Phone have been floating around for almost three years. Microsoft patrons are expecting a brand new foldable phone from the company. However, Redmond based tech giant has never officially confirmed if they are working on such handset or not. Recent rumors and leaks indicate that the Microsoft is actually working on a phone that will amaze the mobile tech world.

Microsoft Surface Phone: What We Know So Far

Recently, Microsoft CEO, in an interview confirmed the existence of the upcoming surface phone.  He said “if Microsoft did make a phone, it would be the ultimate mobile device,” hinting the company wants to go ahead competition when developing a new windows phone.

Everyone knows that foldable smartphones are going to be the real soon and many smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Oppo, Apple, LG have registered patent related to flexible screen phone and are reportedly working on the same. Similarly, Microsoft has also been seen filing a patent for a foldable smartphone which will have an innovative hinge that would make two separate display panels to flawlessly become a single one when the fold is opened. Famous designer David Breyer, based on the patent has posted an image on twitter revealing what Microsoft Surface Phone could look like.

Microsoft’s filled patent reads, “With a dual-display device, the mobile phone or tablet can include an open, expanded position where both displays are flush so that the user feels like there is a single integrated display. In a closed, condensed position, both displays are face-to-face so as to protect the displays. In a fully-open position, the dual displays can sit back-to-back so the user needs to flip the device to view the opposing display.”

Surface Phone Will Replace Tablets

In the present world, tech enthusiasts want a device, which can work like a Tablet, PC, and Phone and at the same time, it should be portable to carry around. Microsoft Surface Phone seems to be satisfying this need of the consumer, as per the leaks and patents of the foldable phone.

A mobile type device with the dual screen could kill the tablets since the consumers are looking for a tablet, which they can put into a pocket and carry around. As per the Microsoft’s patents, Surface Phone basically enables PC and tablet features in a pocket mode when folded in half.

The upcoming Surface Phone, with the screen closed, would look and work like a phone since it will come with voice call support. The rumored device could also be unfolded flat and it would become a tablet when the screen is opened up flat. That’s not all… When the Surface Phone is folded in a part way, the top screen will be used for video and the bottom one for the keyboard and here is your laptop or a notebook.

Microsoft has not confirmed anything for the release of Microsoft Surface Phone yet. However, several reports surfacing online claims that device will be unveiled at upcoming MWC 2018. Do let us know what you people think about the Surface Phone? Will it actually get a release next month? Let us know in the comments below.

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