Microsoft Surface Phone: 'Pocketable' Device Coming Soon, Claims Leaked Email

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Due to the success of the Surface devices, a lot of people really want a Microsoft Surface Phone. Since Microsoft’s previous attempts at eating up a major part of Apple and Samsung’s dominance in the smartphone race failed, a Surface smartphone is actually the company’s best bet on success in this particular product line. If reports are to be believed, the company has already realized the potential of such a device and has already ordered its development.

‘Pocketable’ Microsoft Surface Phone

A leaked company email from Microsoft indicates that a “pocketable” device is in the works, according to My Smart Price. This is the closest statement to a confirmation that the company has ever given about the news of a Microsoft Surface Phone. The email says that both the hardware and software components of this new device will bring innovative experiences to the users.

This “pocketable” device is already expected to delight tech consumers. Previous reports say that it will get a new operating system that has gesture-reading capabilities. It also seems like Microsoft is throwing its hat into the foldable smartphone ring.

With Samsung expected to be an industry leader for foldable smartphones, Microsoft will have to do a lot to make sure that its own offering will stand out. It is, however, unclear whether this particular design feature will be seen in the Surface Phone.

Windows phone fans lobby for dual-screen device

In related Surface phone news, a petition circulated a few days ago, urging Microsoft to continue the development of the new Windows phone, according to Geek Wire. This was after reports stated that Microsoft put the phone’s development on hold. The petition has already gotten as much as 11,000 signatures.

In your opinion, how will the new Microsoft Surface Phone look when it hits stores? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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