Microsoft Surface Phone 'Andromeda' Got Delayed, Have Reached An Advanced Stage

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For years, we’ve heard rumors about Microsoft’s Surface Phone (or Andromeda device) and wondered when will we finally get to see the final product. In fact, it was even expected to be released this fall along with the Windows Redstone 5 update.

This time, however, two new reports have been spotted: One is that the said device is reported to have met a setback and is going back to the drawing board, leading to a delay. The other is that the device may have reached an advanced stage.

Going Back To The Drawing Board

According to reports, Mary Jo Foley, a prominent Microsoft watcher, managed to scoop some inside information from “her sources”.  Her sources claimed that the Surface Phone is not yet ready for primetime and Microsoft’s engineers are back on the drawing board.

The issue lies with its software as it’s still not up to mark to power dual-screen operating modes. Aside from that, it can only run Store apps which are still limited at the moment. There was also an internal discussion of whether there is a pressing need in the market for a dual-screen foldable Windows device with telephony capabilities.

With this, it seems like the chances of the Microsoft releasing Surface Phone this year seems very low. But who knows? There’s also the possibility that this inside information could be inaccurate.

The Windows 10 SDK 17692

On another report, a Twitter user that goes by the name Zhuowei Cui posted a tweet regarding the Windows 10 SDK build 17692. What makes this build quite interesting is that it gives the user two views in the same app so they can be run side by side or stacked in portrait mode.

So basically, what this tells us is that Microsoft has created a foundation for apps to function on Andromeda and adapt to its dual-screen design. This also tells us that the progress may have already reached an advanced stage.

So when do you think will the Surface Phone be released? Do tell us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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