Microsoft Surface Laptop 3: Release Date, Price, What We Want To See

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One of the highly anticipated devices that’s coming this year is the Surface Laptop 3 from Microsoft. With that being said, here are the things you need to know about the said laptop:

When Is It Coming?

The original Surface Laptop came out in June 2017, while the Surface Laptop 2 came in October 2018. Based on these release dates, we can expect the Surface Laptop 3 either in June or October 2019. However, one report also suggests that it could also come in September at the earliest.

How Much Will It Cost?

The 2017 Surface Laptop featured a price tag starting at $799 with an Intel Core m3 processor and Windows 10 S out of the box, while the 2018 version came with $999. With this, we can expect the price of the 2019 Surface Laptop 3 to increase by $200.

However, hopefully, that wouldn’t be the case and Microsoft will just make its price tag similar or just a little bit higher.

What Fans Want To See

Firstly, more powerful processors. The Surface Laptop 2 is a great device, featuring quad-core 8th-generation Kaby Lake Refresh processors under its hood. It would be nice if the Surface Laptop 3 will come with Intel’s 10nm Ice Lake processors which were announced at CES 2019.

Secondly, Thunderbolt 3. With so many monitors, external hard drives and other peripherals are using Thunderbolt 3, Microsoft should definitely have it on board the Surface Laptop 3.

Or perhaps it could come with a new magnetic USB-C connector. Back in December 2018, a Microsoft patent was spotted featuring an “innovative magnetic USB-C Surface connector” which features a system similar to Microsoft’s previous proprietary Surface connector, as well as Apple’s old MagSafe system.

Lastly, freshen up the design. The 2017 and 2018 Surface Laptops features a similar design. Although it doesn’t look bad, fans still hope that Microsoft will freshen up its design, like adding more colors, making it thinner (though it’s already quite thin), lighter, reducing the bezels, and more.

Are you looking forward to Surface Laptop 3? Tell us in the comment section below.


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