Microsoft Patents Suggest Xbox One Controller Will Get An Upgrade With Its Triggers

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Tech enthusiasts and gamers alike are looking forward to Microsoft’s next-generation hardware, Xbox Two “Scarlett”. Considering that, it comes to no surprise that people are always on the lookout for new rumors, leaks and official talks about it.

So what new detail do we have this around regarding the Xbox Two? Unfortunately, it’s not about the Xbox Two, it’s about the Xbox One controller. The patents suggest that the Xbox One controller will have significant improvements with its trigger technology.

The Combination Of Two Patents

According to Gamespot, Microsoft filed two patents for the Xbox One controller’s triggers back in 2017. They were then published in December 2018.

The first patent suggests for triggers with an input device with linear geared feedback. Meanwhile, the second patent suggests for triggers with motor-driven adjustable tension. With the combination of two patents, it provides greater feedback when pulling the trigger on an Xbox One controller, which should presumably increase the level of responsiveness in games where the triggers are used for action-specific tasks, like shooting or running.

Is This The New Rumored Xbox Elite Controller Or A Standard For The Xbox Two Controller?

According to Trustedreviews, the patent filings follow rumors that a new Xbox Elite controller is in the works. Unfortunately, the report didn’t provide that much information about this. So we decided to do a little investigation. Here’s what we found:

Firstly, back in August of 2018, The Verge reports Microsoft unveiling a new Xbox Elite controller in robot white. The said controller was scheduled to be made available in October 2018. On its release date, it came with a price tag of $149.99. You can purchase it from the official Microsoft store.

Secondly, just a few days ago, Dailystar published a report about a new Xbox Elite Controller. For more information about the controller, go check it at Dailystar.

Moving on, Trustedreviews also suggested that perhaps the technology mentioned on the patents could be built into the standard Xbox Two controller. If that happens, then great news. Xbox fans will love such feature.

However, when it comes to patents, they’re like rumors – sometimes they happen, sometimes they don’t. Some patents will take months or even years to be implemented, while some won’t even get to see the light of day.

But what do you think? Will Microsoft eventually use this trigger technology for their Xbox controllers? Tell us in the comment section below.

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