Microsoft's New Surface Pro Dubbed As Surface Lex Might Give Tough Competition To Apple’s iPad

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Reports flying around the community stating that Microsoft is working on an inexpensive Surface tablet device with an Intel processor that packs with Windows 10 OS. This is said to match Apple’s iPad in the lower-end of the consumer line that focuses on the academic-user market.

A recent post on Twitter on June 8 from  WalkingCat, a tech enthusiast, said in a post that “so Surface “L”/”Lex” may have LTE & USB-C, and “Gibs” might be type covers for “Lex”, actually sound quite like the small/cheap tablets that Bloomberg reported.” WalkingCat also expressed that “Gibs” is a type of cover that might be suited for the new Surface Pro known as “Lex”.

According to the reports from Bloomberg that was mentioned in the tweet, the device might feature a smaller dimension compared to the present Surface Pro and will showcase a large 10-inch screen. Instead of a rectangular design that the current model has, it is said to have rounded edges just like its competition, the iPad.

The new Surface Pro or Surface Lex will have LTE connectivity for the people on the go. It might also get an additional upgrade in the form of USB Type-C for faster data transfer compared to other types and for fast-charging capabilities. They are planning to give the project multiple options of models and hardware inclusions like the 64GB or the 128GB of storage. The graphics cards and the main processor of the units will be supplied by Intel rather than using ARM which is inside of the current units.

According to the same Bloomberg, the updated Surface Pro will be priced around the $400 mark. With this price tag, Microsoft will now be aiming for the budget-friendly where the iPad rules. Apple launched the new iPad model aiming towards the education/academic user for a reasonable price of around $300 to $350. Microsoft will soon join the race in a couple of months from now also aiming for the academic class.

Surface Lex is also expected that it will weigh around 20% lighter compared to the higher models. On the other side, this will feature lower battery life, probably around 4 hours or less. The keyboard cover, also known as “Gibs” does not yet know if it will be included in a bundle or will be sold entirely. Microsoft might also add new touches by getting a stylus in some models to provide variety to the brand.

The market could open up for the new Surface Pro or Surface Lex as early as the second half of 2018 hoping to make an impact on the masses including students and teachers with its very competitive price. As of this moment, Microsoft is still not yet giving out any hints about the product and seems like their lips are still shut close and said that the company had nothing to share.

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