Microsoft is Looking for Better Ways to Boost its App Lineup Before the Surface Phone

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Microsoft is looking for other new ways to resolve its dilemmas with the inadequacy of its application in terms of the company’s rumored mobile Surface Phone that has a dual screen. The device, Andromeda, is supposedly intended for a Windows 10 customized version; and it is above the initial app expansion plan fuelled by the Progressive Web Apps.

The above statement is from sources at Microsoft who spoke with Windows Central concerning the Surface Phone. The Surface Phone, as previously disclosed will not be retailed as a phone. Instead, it will be sold to the public as a phone-laptop combination.

The phone-laptop device is listed as a pocketable device, which Microsoft plans to introduce to the market. The up-to-date and custom-made Andromeda OS will be utilized to power the said device. A full Windows 10 will still be delivered and experienced but only in a smaller device.

Hearsays surmised that the said device’s launch has been put on hold until next year. Windows Central likewise believes that is really going to be the case when it comes to the public introduction of the device. Half the reason for the delay is because of the Surface Phone’s software, and Microsoft’s worry on the quantity of apps that are going to be accessible for the users.

The main part of a resolution to the issue stated above is the integration of the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). These are web-based apps that are more of a native application than a browser-bound software. However, Microsoft is apprehensive that the PWAs might not offer a thorough solution to the aforementioned problem.

Another reason for Andromeda’s launch delay is that the dual-screen device is enclosed in assimilating more PWAs and likewise getting more into the Microsoft Store. The latter is significant since the device must be able to optimize the Edge browser to attain an improved performance from the web apps.

Microsoft’s other possible choices to enhance the apps with Andromeda is uncertain at the moment. But clearly, Band-aid will be chosen to formulate the apps for the Android.

Followers and users of Microsoft may not be too concerned about having more apps on their device. Mainly, the concern of users is that the famous big-name apps are still present and that they perform efficiently well with the Andromeda OS.

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