Microsoft Discredits Surface Phone Myth Permanently

Ruby Balagso
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Hearsays have surmised since 2016 that Microsoft will unveil a Surface Phone. But despite all the rumors, Microsoft did not make any confirmation that it will be launching a said device even once. Mr. Panay, Microsoft’s Chief, conclusively said that Microsoft has no intention of ever releasing a Surface Phone.

During a Wired podcast previous week, Mr. Panay explained Surface devices following Microsoft announced the Surface Go. At the time of the podcast, inquiries were made about the possible foldable phone, and Mr. Panay replied that Microsoft’s unmet requirement in terms of a product plan does not include a Surface Phone.

The above statement of Mr. Panay has efficiently eradicated numerous rumors about a Surface Phone during the said podcast. Rumors implied that the Andromeda is likely to be a Surface Phone. But Mr. Panay’s announcement during the wired podcast knocked off any assumptions that the Surface Phone will materialize.

Although the podcast of Mr. Panay has not snuffed out other rumors about the Andromeda. What Mr. Panay confirmed during the podcast is that Microsoft is planning to deliver new mobile form components in the very near future. He further said that their company is progressively inventing new form factors since the method on how people will communicate in the future will change.

Plenty of people have expected that Microsoft will launch its Andromeda in 2018. But Microsoft has delayed the public introduction of Andromeda until 2019, which mean it is not canceled.

Probably Microsoft still needs additional time to achieve the proper hardware and software consolidation for the Andromeda device. Moreover, the podcast of Mr. Panay features that Microsoft still has a huge new mobile form element plans.

The new form is still not conclusive. But various patents indicate that Microsoft has delved into the notion of producing a foldable mobile device that features dual-screen display. The device can function as a 2-in-1 tablet and phone, becoming a tablet once unfolded.

An unofficial design image for Andromeda exhibited a 3-in-1 phone, table and miniature laptop. Whereas, another latest design idea showcased Andromeda incorporated with a gaming and laptop form.

Taking everything into account, it is possible that Andromeda is still a work in progress. However, it will not be a Surface Phone. Instead, Andromeda can be a modern mobile gadget with an overall new form element.

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