Microsoft Build 2018: Surface Phone, Surface Book, and More - What’s Coming and What’s Not?

Jasper Valdez
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There are only a few days left before Microsoft’s biggest annual developers event, Microsoft Build 2018, officiates. Starting on May 7, the event will run through May 9th and will consist of the company’s software roadmap for the next year, which will probably include future projects and endeavors.

But more so, the Redmond-based company will focus on features and enhancements that will arrive on Windows’ next iteration. Although this is the case, many still believe that there might be more to the function than what Microsoft leads on. Most expect that rather than just software, the tech mogul could also unveil several hints about its hardware products -namely the Surface Book 3 and the Surface Phone.

In light of this, here’s what we think is coming and what’s not during Microsoft Build 2018. Scroll down below!

Surface Devices

For the last few weeks, talk of Microsoft’s upcoming devices, the Surface Phone, and the Surface Book 3, have been constantly going around the interwebs. Many believe that the company is already putting the effort in the development of the said devices, which suggests an imminent outing.

However, despite the overwhelming anticipation, there’s a huge chance that we won’t be hearing anything from Microsoft when it comes to the devices. Microsoft Build has always served as an avenue for Microsoft to connect with the developer community – through discussions on Windows OS coding. This year, it will likely be no different.

Though we’re not ruling out the possibility of an announcement, it’s highly unlikely that Microsoft will devote a significant amount of time for something that, essentially, does not impact how developers code for their operating system. Still, we hope to see the company briefly talk about the devices – like confirming their existence for example.

 Azure Cloud Computing Service

Judging by Microsoft’s latest earning reports, Azure will likely be a key topic on Build. The cloud computing service has already experienced a boom in revenue so it’s safe to say that it’s going to make the cut.

Microsoft will likely discuss how developers can integrate the service into their apps. Aside from this, it’s possible for the company to give hints as to what it plans to do with the service from here on out in terms of enhancements and improvements.

Live Coding

Microsoft has dedicated two keynotes for coding, so it’s already confirmed that we’ll be seeing the former live in action. Though for most this seems pretty uneventful, we must remember that Build is a function created for developers so it’s only fitting that they get to take in as much as they can of how Windows works.

For most the keynotes will probably feel like a drab, but this too can be pretty intuitive. We’ll be able to see how Microsoft optimizes and operates the windows system. It also serves as a guide for developers to further enhance their own applications and services – which will ultimately benefit users and consumers alike.

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