Melania Trump and Donald Trump will be celebrating their 13th anniversary in the coming week of this month. Donald Trump is attending the global meet of world leaders at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He will be delivering an important speech addressing the global community in Davos.

While here in the United States eyebrows are being raised as Melania Trump will not accompany Donald Trump for this global meet. The first lady of United States, Melania Trump has made a formal statement through her office quoting “too many schedules and logistics” as the reason behind her absence from the event. Although, Melania has accompanied Donald on most of his official trips earlier. Melania and Donald have been together for official trips to The Vatican, Rome, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Poland, China, Japan, and France.

Melania’s Mysterious Tweet

Recently, Melania Trump tweeted a photo acknowledging the Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day but refrained from making a direct mention of her husband. The photo she tweeted had a military escort with her. Donald’s inauguration day was quite without him in Melania’s tweet. She added a quote with the photo saying “This has been a year filled with many wonderful moments.

The Rumor Mill Says Something Else

On the other hand, rumors are rife that the real reason behind the cancellation of Davos trip, however, depicts something else. Donald Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels, a porn star is said to be the actual reason for the tiff. Gossip mongers are calling the cancellation of Davos trip to be influenced by the hidden extramarital affair between Donald Trump and Stormy right after the birth of Barron Trump. In addition to this, rumors are that Donald Trump also paid Stormy a whopping 130k dollars for keeping quiet right before the presidential nominations.

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