Mavic Pro 2 To Be DJI’s Most Powerful Drone Yet?

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In recent years, DJI has absolutely blindsided every other drone manufacturer in the market. Year after year, the technical powerhouse comes out with no less than stunning and stellar products – the DJI Spark, DJI Phantom Pro, and other equally amazing innovations. That’s all the more reason why people are expecting a lot for this year’s next Mavic Pro edition, the Mavic Pro 2.

In that regard, we are the same. We’re also looking forward to what DJI has in-store for us for the Mavic Pro 2. With that being the, we took it upon ourselves to deliver a detailed look at what’s about to come for the drone – rumors and speculations, alike. Scroll down to find out!

Coming In Two Variants

The Mavic Pro isn’t known to be subtle in ways. DJI has made it a point to really shock their fans and consumers when it comes to its specifications.

Now, the most recent rumors (via Twitter user OsitalV) suggest that the Mavic Pro 2 will be coming in two different variants. The difference will primarily be determined by the size of the sensor with one having a 1-inch sized and the other a little bigger 1.17- inch.

Integration of a Higher-end Camera

The DJI Mavic Pro series is known for its high-end specs and unparalleled filming capabilities. That’s why it’s only natural for the Mavic Pro 2 to improve on that aspect.

This time around, DJI plans to employ a higher-end camera that can capture video at 4K 10-bit, which is a significant improvement from its predecessor. This new innovation will allow filmmakers to push the colors much farther in post-production, which allows for more versatility.

A State-of-the-Art Sensor System

Another aspect that DJI plans to improve on the Mavic Pro 2 is the sensor system. In this new iteration, they’ve added the Six Sided Obstacle Avoidance – a feature that enhances on the Mavic Pro’s already impressive avoidance characteristics.

This would be made possible through the inclusion of cameras on the front, rear, and bottom as well as IR sensors on the sides and top, which will remove any possibility of collision mid-air or while in flight.

Enhanced Computer Vision Algorithm

Aside from the ones mentioned above, Valuewalk adds that this new iteration will also be given improvements software-wise. The algorithms will be much sharper and smarter when compared to the previous edition.

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