Massive Foldable Smartphone Is Samsung Galaxy X

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The Galaxy is ever expanding as it is getting massive and better. At least this is how it looks like from the leaked design of Samsung Galaxy X: a massive foldable smartphone.

When it comes to design, Galaxy X is radical as it will sport three OLED displays. South Korean market site, The Bell revealed that the front of the new foldable smartphone will have two 3.5-inch OLED panels if unfolded will give users the luxury of a 7 inches tablet. An iPad Mini is about 7.9 inches. The third 3.5-inch OLED display is built on the back of the phone so that it can be used as a phone because both of the front panels are not visible when it is folded.

The leaked design, touted as radical, had certainly created waves in the tech community but serious questions are also sprouting. One of these is the worry that “massive” and “supersized” Galaxy X might be too small as a phone with its 3.5-inch display. Conversely, it is also not large enough as a tablet despite its being massive.

Could these concerns be the letdown? It could be but it has remained to be seen how this unfolds in reality.

One thing is clear though: Galaxy X will prove to be a more compact smartphone and could beat other smartphones in the market due to its massiveness. This, for sure, is the sweet thing about the new device.

The Bell reported the Galaxy X design is due to finished two months from now. So, it is too early to make final judgments of the new device. Many changes could still happen in the production but there is no way the size could still be altered at this point.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy X will be launched in 2019. This probable release date could beat Apple by the dash. The Cupertino tech giant’s foldable iPhone is still at its nascent stage.

It is reported, however, that Samsung will release a limited number of foldable phones in 2019. As the word implies, the new device will be rolled out next year but not widely available.

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