MacBook Pro 2018 Arriving With A New Oxide-based Display and Apple’s Very Own Chipset

Jasper Valdez
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In the previous weeks, we were filled in on Apple’s plans of refreshing its notebook lineup – with a new MacBook Pro headlining the said venture. Though the news itself is exciting, aside from hearsays and speculations, we don’t have any solid leads to rely on when it comes to the new computer.

However, it seems like the tides are now changing. This week, a new rumor popped-up on the web suggesting that the new MacBook Pro is going to drop integrated with a new screen technology and Apple’s very own chipset in tow.

Forbes says that Apple is paying particular emphasis on the new iteration of the MacBook Pro, incorporating a new manufacturing technique to the computer screen-wise. According to IHS Market, the MacBook Pro 2018 is making the jump to an oxide TFT-based screen panel, which will improve on the device’s display quality, resulting to a more vivid burst of color all-around. Though this is a first for the MacBook lineup, oxide-based displays have already been put to use in other Apple products such as the new 27-inch iMac imbued with a 5K Retina display and the other being the 10-inch iPad Pro tablet.

Besides visual improvements, the new edition of the MacBook Pro will also sport a new chipset – created and produced by Apple alone – foregoing Intel’s new Kaby Lake G chips. Although it’s not impossible, many are still having second thoughts about this particular development. The primary concern lies on the new chip’s tangibility seeing as manufacturing and production will take a lot of time and most importantly, Apple has still not confirmed the chip’s existence.

In other news, the MacBook Pro 2018 is expected to debut on Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference starting this June, which traditionally only catered to software and firmware announcements until Apple unveiled the current iPad models and the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro back in last year’s function.

Though these developments certainly sound believable, it’s still up for debate whether Apple will push through with the new features, especially on the aspect of the CPU. with this in mind, we urge our readers to take these new updates with a grain of salt until Apple confirms them.

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