MacBook Air 2018 Will be Cheaper With Retina Display As Pro-Focused Mac Mini Gets Revamped

Daphne Planca
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The tech giant Apple is already reported to work on their new products for its Mac lineup. The company will release the highly-anticipated, completely redesigned successor of the current MacBook Air laptop—which is the low-cost MacBook Air 2018—alongside the Pro-focused Mac Mini.

According to Apple Insider, Bloomberg’s tech news reporter Mark Gurman reported that this new low-cost MacBook Air 2018 will have a similar design to the original one. However, the display will be 13 inches with thinner bezels surrounding it and a high-resolution Retina version that the company uses on their other products.

This new device is directed at students and schools and will offer a lower price tag than the usual MacBooks in the MacBook family. The current MacBook Air is now priced at $1,000 and the only laptop from the company without a high-resolution screen. This device got updated last year with a faster processor.

Then, the starting price of the 12-inch MacBook was $1,300, which was quite expensive for some consumers. The company might make it on purpose so that the schools can purchase laptops in bulk and the consumers who are looking for a cheap Apple computer can buy their own. The company’s manufacturers Quanta and Foxconn are rumored to take care of manufacturing duties of MacBook Air 2018.

Not just the upcoming laptop, the Mac Mini is already in works and will not be mini anymore because of its more powerful, less compact components. The upcoming will focus on Pro users such as the app developers, server farm managers, and those running home media centers.

The new storage and processor options of the Mac Mini 2018 will likely be expensive than the previous versions currently available for sale. This miniature desktop computer is expected to cost $500 and will not include a keyboard, screen, or mouse in the box.

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