MacBook Air 2018 Finally Coming This Autumn; 9 Major Theories About the Upcoming Low-Priced Notebook

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The MacBook Air 2018 is arguably one of the devices that the tech consumer world is most excited about this year. Apple is said to be planning an Autumn release of a 2018 update of the popular laptop line. In fact, experts are expecting that the Cupertino, California-based tech giant will unveil the 2018 version of the MacBook Air through a major hardware event in the next few months.

MacBook Air 2018 theories

Of course, since Apple has been mum about the development of the MacBook Air 2018, a lot of consumers have been curious about the improvements that will be seen in the next laptop.  These are nine of the most common theories that consumers have about the 2018 update to the MacBook Air:

Autumn Release

Famous analyst Ming-chi Kuo revealed in his latest note that Apple is already designing a new low-priced notebook which will be from the MacBook Air family. However, the lower cost notebook might be a 12-inch MacBook which the tech giant will release in he Autumn of this year, as per Kuo’s note.

Potentially even cheaper model

The MacBook Air is widely considered as the cheaper model in all of the MacBook products. If a MacBook Air 2018 is made, it is likely to be an even more inexpensive product. There are reports that it could have an introductory price that is less than $1,000, according to BGR. This will put it around the same price range as its predecessor’s current market price.

Rumored September release

Apple is expected to have hardware releases in September. This is said to be the same hardware event where new iPhones and iPad will also be unveiled.

Major changes on the processor and graphics card

One of the most exciting things about the upcoming MacBook Air is the fact that there will be big improvements on the processor and graphics card. The newest eighth-generation Coffee Lake processors will be used. HD Graphics 6000 cards from Intel are also a likely part of the new device.

USB-C slots that double as Thunderbolt ports

If there is one thing that will be innovative about this upcoming device, it is the USB-C ports. Reports say that it will also double as Thunderbolt slots.

Built-in LTE/4G connectivity

There are rumors that the next MacBook Air could be the first laptop device that will support LTE connectivity. This will certainly increase the marketability of the next laptop.

Force Touch upgrade

Both the Touch ID and Force Touch features are going to make a return. Upgrades will also be seen, which will improve these features.

Possible name change

There is a big possibility that the next budget MacBook will not be named under the Air series, according to Apple Insider. Theories say that Apple could return to the iBooks label for the next generation.

Retina display

The most recent MacBook Air release only has a non-Retina resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels. It looks like it is Apple’s priority to improve the resolution of its budget laptop.

Which of these consumer theories are you hoping will come true regarding MacBook Air 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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