MacBook Air 2018 News: What Consumers Wanted To See

Ronald Balondo
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The MacBook Air is one of the iconic laptops from Apple and it really needs to have a huge overhaul this 2018 if the tech giant wanted to revive this line. The current competitor of this lightweight computer uses one of the most advanced chipsets known in circulation, compared to the latest MacBook Air’s outdated CPU.

This specifically means that Apple needs to place considerable upgrade to the MacBook Air 2018 that will most likely become available this coming September alongside the new iPhones. If Apple manages to combine all of the right pieces fit together into the right places, this might be the making of a huge comeback.

What the consumers wanted to see

There are only a few concrete leads on what Apple is doing for this famous line, not only for their MacBook Air but their whole Mac lineup. With the lack of improvements in the current Mac hardware, many are wondering what the company’s plans are.

However, there are traces of hopes for all MacBook Air fanatics. Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities’ Analyst, known for his accurate and bold statements about Apple products, stated that MacBook Air 2018 is going to come out soon. This didn’t happen last WWDC and the next big thing for the company would be their iPhone launching event that is held before the end of the year.

The main identity that set the MacBook Air from the rest of the Mac products is the price. Widely known as the cheapest MacBook laptop, the MacBook Air is loved by the masses because of its budget-friendly price tag that is popular with students and others that are tight on a budget.

We are expecting the price of the new MacBook Air 2018 to be within the same price range as its past predecessor. However, if some rumors that are spreading around the community now are true, the new model should cost way less than before.

Another notable addition to the MacBook Air 2018 that consumers wanted to see would be a bump in the processor department. The 8th-generation Intel Coffee Lake processor will be a sweet deal but the ARM processor could also work. This setup may also improve the power usage of the device and that would be a huge check in our list.

The screen could also get some improvements. Compared to the other Mac lineup, the MacBook Air’s screen is a little bit outdated. Hopefully, the company will add a retina display and improve the resolution of the computer. Consumers don’t need 4K but a decent screen resolution would be greatly appreciated

MacBooks’ traditional keyboards should also stay within the line, the innovation created by the revised butterfly hinge is actually not necessary for this. Safe to say that consumers don’t want to experience some issues with the key presses so the traditional one is far more suited for this line.

Fast charging for quick a juice up is one of the classics that many MacBook Air fans wanted to have in their laptop. With the advancement of the current technology, it is probably easier now to tweak something under the hood of this device for doing the fast charging setup. This will be a huge help for all MacBook Air users.

Lastly, the biggest and the most important thing that consumers wanted to get for from Apple would be the availability of the MacBook Air this 2018. We can speculate all we want but we can only wait for the company to give us what we really want.

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