MacBook Air 2018 Might Launch Next Month - Latest Specifications More Detailed

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The tech giant Apple just recently hosted its Circle Round event. They introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 and three iPhones such as the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. However, there was no sign of a new MacBook Air 2018 in the event even if the device is long overdue for a major makeover.

According to Cnet, multiple reports have indicated that the company still have plans to introduce a new, redesigned MacBook Air before the end of 2018. It makes sense for the company to hold its launch back a bit longer because the debut of the three iPhones and the new Apple Watch might overshadow it. The month of October could possibly the release date for the upcoming laptop because the company usually debuts new Macs. The device may be more than just a MacBook.

In terms of specification, MacBook Air 2018 will have the latest fingerprint authentication system Touch ID. This feature was first introduced to the iPhone 5S, then migrated to the higher-end MacBook Pro 2016 lineup, and added to the newest models this year.

The size of the forthcoming MacBook Air 2018 is speculated to replace the current 12-inch MacBook according to the well-known tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. However, other reports described the device will be a new 13-inch model. The high-resolution Retina screen, a slim design, and slimmer bezels will also be added with the new Intel core processing unit.

The upcoming laptop might replace the MacBook Air at a price of less than $1,000. Other reports suggest that it will cost $1,200. Its low price is the key to its popularity. The entry-level MacBook Air with 128GB of internal storage begins at the cost of $999, £949, or AU$1,499. The third-party retailers placed a discount on the device to $750 or $800. Given the persistent rumors, increased details are still coming, and we still have to wait for the upcoming device.

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