MacBook Air 2018 Release Still In Blur: Specs and Price Rumors Specified

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Hints and rumors surround Apple’s intent to have a new MacBook Air this 2018. After MacBook Air’s tenth year that was marked at the beginning of 2018, many are wondering if an updated version of the MacBook Air is in the offing; or if Apple will take it out from the range of its products lineup.

Signs, tip-offs, and rumors have been collated within this article on how the MacBook Air 2018 is expected to look like, along with some technical specifications and its price. Specific innuendos will also be analyzed if there is really a high probability that the gadget may be totally phased-out from Apple’s production.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities’ Analyst, says that a cheap MacBook Air 2018 is going to come out soon. In the early part of 2018, Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that by spring, Apple has plans to present a new and cheaper version of the MacBook Air.

The release date for the MacBook Air 2018 still has not been confirmed. Although deducing from Apple’s lack of attention for the slender laptop over the years, there is a big possibility that the MacBook Air will never be upgraded.

However, all is not lost, since Apple announced that the Mac mini, another cheap device of the company, is still valuable to the company. Both the Mac mini and MacBook Air is powered by similar processor chips that Apple said will be upgraded simultaneously, taking into consideration that both devices are at the low-end price range of Apple.

In May 2017, Bloomberg stated that Apple is thinking on equipping its aged MacBook Air with a new processor for the said laptop’s retail. To date, this cheap machine from Apple is still very much in-demand on the market.

During the WWDC 2018, Apple has not announced any future broadcasts for any hardware, which possibly puts the MacBook Air’s release date guesswork on March 27. But Bloomberg reports that launching the new MacBook by the 27th of March is nil since the gadget is not suitably ready for release at the mentioned date.

Bloomberg likewise reports that the price of the new MacBook laptop is expected to be $1,000 cheaper than the MacBook Air. At present, the lowest price tag of a MacBook is $999 in the United States or £949 in the UK. Speaking to The Sun, Daniel Ives, a tech expert, said that the price of the new MacBook could be lower than the current market prices.

Specs-wise, the MacBook Air 2018 is not expected to have a comprehensive upgrade except in having a new processor, a cohesive graphics card along with a USB C. But it is most likely that it will still have 12 hours of battery lifespan, will weigh around 1.35kg with an 8GB RAM including Broadwell processors that have a standard 1.8GHz i5 capacity; a 128GB or 256GB flash storage along with Intel’s HD Graphics 6000 cards.

Rumors aside, MacBook users and followers are hopeful that the new laptop from Apple would be incorporated with new and better components, and would be tagged at a lower price.

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