This Awesome Feature May Come To MacBook 2019, Latest Patent Spotted

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Future MacBooks could feature a new keyboard design, replacing the butterfly switch MacBook keyboard with glass panel keyboard design instead. Will the MacBook 2019 have this feature?

The Patent

According to a report, an Apple patent was published last Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent application is called “Computer with keyboard”. Basically, it uses a glass sheet in place of the movable keys with raised sections to denote where each key is located.

According to its abstract:

A device may include a display portion that includes a display housing and a display at least partially within the display housing. The device may also include a base portion pivotally coupled to the display portion and including a bottom case, a top case coupled to the bottom case and defining an array of raised key regions, and a sensing system below the top case and configured to detect an input applied to a raised key region of the array of raised key regions.

This patent design was made to counter the current butterfly switch MacBook keyboards that are more likely to be damaged by dust and other foreign elements.

Will This Be Featured On The MacBook 2019?

It’s hard to say whether such design will be featured on the MacBook 2019. The thing with patents, it takes months or years before they get published. Moreover, even if they do get published, it’s not a 100 percent guarantee that the concept will appear in a future product.

Nevertheless, it’s still quite interesting to see that Apple is looking into such technology to find other ways to further improve the way keyboards are presented. In this case, it’s a glass panel keyboard.

What do you think? Do you think we could see this design featured on future MacBooks? What are the chances of the MacBook 2019 having this? Tell us in the comment section below.

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